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Step into Audacious Studios, where the art of global film production takes center stage. Based in Berlin, our passion lies in telling bold, boundary-pushing stories that defy convention. With deep-rooted connections and in tune with the pulse of this vibrant city, we navigate Berlin's creative chaos like no other. Our unwavering drive and obsession with storytelling fuel our quest to transform ideas into groundbreaking cinematic experiences. Join us on this Audacious adventure, where imagination knows no bounds and the status quo is left in the dust. Welcome to the world of Audacious Studios.

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Founder / Executive Producer / Director


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Director / Producer / Writer

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Founder / Executive Producer / DoP.


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Producer / Director / Writer

Move pictures around to discover some behind the scenes magic.

Nevaya music video shoot set
Linus on set of Joya Marleens music video shoot
Moritz framing the picture for Nevayas Music video shoot
Oriana giving last directions to Julia on the set of Darlene
Linus goofing around on set of Nevayas music video shoot
Julia on set of Darlene
Moritz with his steady cam on set of Lias music video shoot
Cast group photo of Nevayas music video shoot
Oriana and Moritz discussing a scene
Nevaya performing
Moritz on set of Nevayas music video shoot
Julia at the premiere of Darlene in London
Oriana as the light stand in
Outtake of Darlene
Ali and Linus goofing around on set of Die Nerven
Oriana checking if everything looks good
Set design of Aminas music video shoot
Nevaya performing in the rain
Moritz framing the opening scene of Darlene
Oriana checking if the scene is correct
A candid of Moritz on set of Joyas music video shoot
Lia on set of her music video shoot
A candid of Linus on set
Moritz handeling heavy equipment
Prepping the car scene
Nevaya performing
Linus checking the picture
Oriana showing the rest how its done
An outtake of Joyas music video shoot
Moritz in action
Oriana giving instructions
Linus being cute
Moritz getting ready to shoot
Checking what has been shot
Oriana scouting a location
Moritz disappearing in a sunflower field
Oriana in a bathtub
Oriana and Moritz giving instructions to the actors
Moritz at sundwon on set of Lias music video shoot
Oriana showing Moritz how she sees the scene
Outtake of Joyas music video shoot
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